I am an American and grew up in the high mountains of Colorado. I have been living in Paris for the last 20 years and studied interior architecture and design at L'Ecole Boulle in Paris. Fine arts have always been a great interest to me, as they have influenced my design work. In 2008, I began painting, mainly oil and mixed media on various surfaces.

My inspiration comes from nature and organic forms and my paintings sometimes include figurative elements such as trees mixed with the abstract. I tend to be moving towards more abstract subjects and pursuing painting on non-traditional surfaces such as Corian, Plexiglass and stainless steel.

The works on Plexiglass and Corian exploit the aspects of transparency, translucency and opacity and their interplay. The cast shadows between various layers then became an integral part of the image itself, changing with the light and giving another dimension to the work. I also find interesting the way colors are transfused behind translucent layers, and I would like to further explore this media in creating original works.